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Found 15 results

  1. Tecramo

    Project Cars - The Paddock

    Een nieuw raceseizoen gaat van start! Na het faillisement van Bernie waren de F1-piloten verplicht een stapje terug te zetten richting een boeket van allerhande racewagens op circuits overal ter wereld. Het verschil tussen de professionele wereld waar ze het afgelopen jaar in zworven en de fun die hen nu te wachten staat, kan niet groter zijn! Hieronder kan je dus als vanouds de races bespreken en uiteraard ook alle andere zaken die met de races te maken hebben
  2. Nog mensen die de duels in Project Cars missen? Zou graag nog eens vechten in die bakskes
  3. cobalt

    Project Cars Project Cars

    Release: 2014 PROJECT CARS represents THE ULTIMATE DRIVER JOURNEY... FRANCHISE MODE allows you to carve out a personalized career starting in the Karting world and then progressing on to whichever motorsport specialization you prefer including Touring Cars, Open-Wheel, GT, Le Mans, and many more! Play CO-OP with a friend as Driver/Co-Driver FULL TEAM MANAGEMENT... Have a large number of friends? Create, manage, and compete together! Experience the excitement of PIT STOPS like you've never seen before! Revolutionary PIT-2-CAR RADIO gives you the strategic advantage DYNAMIC Time Of Day & Localized Weather make every race unique and challenging 10+ GAME MODES covering every form of motorsport CLOUD-BASED SOCIAL NETWORK allows you to connect with friends, compare times & scores, compete and challenge each other, and share content USER-GENERATED CONTENT - Create your own liveries, decals, tuning setups, and even events! Then share them with the world - either for free, in-game credits or even real money! PUSHING TO THE LIMITS - Advanced physics, lighting, and AI Q&A KERS "What's with the LMP KERS system?": works on % throttle pedal input, not on a button. This is per real life regulations "Why does KERS charge up even when I'm not braking?”: Trickle charge from the battery, a real world effect. _______ PHYSICS "My MP12c-GT3 seems to be underperforming at this track!?": the track is of lower altitude. Explanation: Turbocharged engines per design have a constant intake manifold pressure regardless of the outside air pressure, which means that they will make the same amount of power no matter the altitude (though turbo lag may be slightly increased). Naturally aspirated engines lose power at higher altitudes because the intake manifold pressure is always equal to the outside atmospheric pressure, which in turn means that there is less oxygen to burn per power stroke at higher altitudes. Therefore a GT3 car with a naturally aspirated engine may be more powerful than a GT3 car with a turbocharged engine at lower altitudes but less powerful than the same turbocharged GT3 car at higher altitudes due to the loss in atmospheric pressure at higher altitudes. "I'm not seeing tyre wear?": tyre wear is by default not scaled and will degrade at real world levels, i.e. you will likely get a full fuel stint out of even the softs in endurance categories. You can adjust it up to 7x in Multiplayer, but it will not be accelerated as much as the weather and race length can be, save you destroying your tyres before the pits on lap 1... "The car loses all grip after a number of laps!": you're likely cooking the tyres, slow down a bit. Check the telemetry to see how the tyre heat is working as you race. "Some cars have too much grip, I can't get the back out?": the default setups are designed to allow maximum control and ease of use, especially given the large number of gamepad users. You can adjust setup to increase oversteer, the WMD forum even ended up with a section with recommended and user created setups. Note: See Jussi for OEM setups Also, the default compound for most race cars is the SOFT slicks, so you're getting the highest grip tyre out of the box. Of course you may need to select a different compound depending on the weather, time of day, length of race and wear scaling (MP) in use. "Why can't I do burnouts in the GT3 cars!?": There are actually a number of factors. While the GT3 cars produce a lot of power, this does not mean the tyres are not up to the task of transferring all of that power to the ground and maintaining grip! The GT3 cars in Project CARS have Soft Slicks equipped in default configuration. Also, the GT3 tyres are pre-warmed in all racing sessions in game, so even starting Free Practice your tyres will be sitting at 90ºC. Another factor is the race track material itself and track temperature, which can create extra grip to help the tyres stick (look up track rubber build-up). There are a couple of other things to check or change if you really like doing burnouts rather than getting the most grip from your tyres!: Firstly, shorten the gear ratios if possible (this has a greater impact than you might think!), Check that Traction Control isn't enabled. Set the differential to 100% accel lock. Change compound to Hard. Or just drive around a lot so your tyres either overheating or worn and slippery! Race cars are designed to get off the line quickly and run at high speed most of the time, not waste precious rubber. "This car has no power!?": some cars have a small engine with a large turbo, so you need to keep the turbo spooled to keep up the power, try changing down an extra gear or keeping some throttle on during cornering (I.e. GRP 5 cars). "Throttle response feels laggy": that's a volumetric throttle model. It will probably feel more ‘analogue' than you might be used to virtually. This is real world behaviour, in contrast to the "x% throttle pedal input = x% engine RPM" physics that is common in racing simulations/games. "I can't match real world times for this car?": Those real life times may be from qualifying with max boost. Up the boost in the car setup, but don't expect the car to last long (just like real life! - Lotus 98T, Sierra, etc.). Other factors include: simulated tyres are ‘perfect’ in condition and structure compared to real life, especially for historic cars, virtual tracks are smoother and of consistent surface material, tracks are changed in real life all the time, tyres compounds vary in capability between manufacturers, you’ll take more risks virtually, car setups are tuned per track and for conditions in the real world, which may not match the conditions you are using, etc. There are a lot of factors to consider! "This car feels different than before": check the following: time of day, location, track temperature, compound selected, assists, amount of fuel. Also, the tyres a pre-heated at different levels depending on the session you are in. For Free Practice, you start with cold tyres. Qualifying they are pre-warmed, Race session also pre-warms them. For Time Trial mode, the tyres are pre-warmed to 'optimum' temperatures, i.e. sets them up as though you've been lapping getting ready for the 'ultimate' lap. During a race rubber will also build up and so your fastest laps may end up better than Time Trial even though the track conditions haven't otherwise changed. Check the telemetry HUD to see the differences "Why are my testing times slower than those in the race while everything else remains equal": Track activity builds up tyre rubber during events IRL, which adds grip. A 'rubbered in' track is faster than a clean, "green" one. In pCARS, the racing surface on race day can end up with 3-4% more grip than on test days! Of course if it rains that will remove the extra rubber build up to an extent, so beware. "My lap times change a lot driving in the rain": Project CARS models real world wet weather behaviour. You will see 'drying lines' appear as cars remove water from the track. You'll have to manage tyres so that if you have wet tyres and the track starts drying out you'll need to drive off the racing line to keep temps down. There's far more to the dynamics of driving in the wet so further research is encouraged! "Some cars are really hard to drive in the wet!": This is likely because the default setups are designed for the dry track. There are setups changes you might need to make, especially in the really stiff race cars like the FA. Start with things like increasing the ride height, softening the suspension and reducing camber and again start researching because effective real life changes will be just as effective in Project CARS "Boost pressure appears to be displaying wrong in the gauges?": boost pressure is measured at the plenum in the manifold and correct for that "Can't see brake glow on the Formula A or some LMP cars?": The brake discs are fully enclosed, it is a common approach in the real world with the modern race cars "The car keeps leaning slightly under throttle?": That's the inertia of the engine causing that. When you step on the gas the crankshaft accelerates in one direction, which causes a reaction in the opposite direction. Apparently most engines rotate clockwise (when looking from the front of the car), which makes the car lean counter clockwise. This should happen if the car has a longitudinally mounted engine. If the engine is mounted sideways the car should lean front or back slight when revving. If the effect is strong enough, it can even lift the inside front tyre off the road, which will happen in the game with for instance the Boss Mustang (try it!) "I can't wreck the brakes?": wear rates are per real life, you will need to really abuse them in an endurance session to do proper damage, but the damage is there "I can't keep the tyre temps up!?": you might not be using the downforce enough. Some tyres rely on downforce to get the heat into them, but it requires you to 'trust' it through corners. Also, check the track temperature and select a suitable compound for the conditions or adjust tyre pressures "This car understeers too much": some cars have much wider tyres on the rear or the aero is rear biased (i.e. big rear wing). Adjust as necessary for your style, but beware for these cars it will be the same ‘problem’ that the real drivers had to adjust to. Not all cars are made the same "I cannot draft the opponent ahead of me!": Project CARS uses real world values for drafting behaviour which some may initially find surprisingly low. But be careful as there is definitely enough drafting power that it can reduce braking and/or turn-in ability for aerodynamic-dependent vehicles. "Why do some cars have higher/lower fuel consumption even in the same Class?": Project CARS calculates fuel usage for each car based on car-specific factors such as engine aspiration (turbo vs. normal), aero efficiency and driver behaviour among others. "I can change gears without using a clutch!": Real racing gearboxes have a bit more tolerance around the 'ideal' shift range over road cars (road cars have some) that will allow you to straight shift without clutch. You will damage the clutch if you keep getting it wrong. Another case of modelling real world behaviour. "Tyre pressure seems a bit low?": this is the cold pressure. When you get on track the tyres heat up and the pressure increases, sometimes up to 10psi or so. Project CARS models this behaviour "Why do I spin out immediately when flooring the throttle, coming out of the garage?": That's how cold tyres (don't) work. Take it carefully for one or two laps to get same heat into the rubber, and only then start pushing hard(er). Be aware Free Practice starts you without pre-warmed tyres in most cars (they're warmed though for some), which qualifying, race and Time Trial do provide. "The Formula A feels like on rails!": The FA comes with standard tyre warmers in your favourite colour, so it has maximum grip right from the start. And a Formula A car is a very expensive machine exclusively designed and constructed for maximum grip under all circumstances. You have to push hard to make it come loose. But be prepared that it will bite you when it does... "The car keeps trying to snap out under brakes after a while?": this could be because there is a large difference in temps between left and right side tyres. If the track has mostly left or right corners there is high potential for this to happen. You would need to adjust the tyre pressures (among other options) to even out the heat...or drive slower. "The Boss Mustang keeps pulling to one side on acceleration?" The Mustang (among others) utilizes a live rear axle with a panhard bar. Due to this suspension configuration, the car will actually pull slightly to one side under hard acceleration. To eliminate this pull, 'wedge' can be dialled in, but this is a compromise in that dialling in enough wedge to offset the pull under acceleration will typically make the car pull in the opposite direction when coasting or braking. The exact amount of the effect depends on your throttle %, gear ratio used, setup, and other stuff so it is hardly a constant effect. pCARS not only has some wedge modelled to counter this (doesn't completely remove it in lowest gears), but also dynamically determines the Roll Centre from the resulting angles. "When my car is standing still, if I turn the steering wheel from side to side the nose seems to go up and down... What's going on?": That's the jacking effect of the front suspension caster angle alignment "I'm not noticing any brake fade on the road cars. Shouldn't this happen like real life?": Project CARS actually simulates iron, carbon and ceramic brakes of various configurations. But in game the road cars are designed as if they were slightly track-prepped for the brakes. 99% of road car brakes are complete toast after only a few minutes of hard driving and representing this would be quickly frustrating. Imagine that the cars have been modified with better pads/lines/fluid and maybe a little bit of extra cooling to allow them to just be better for playing with. "Why did my engine suddenly give up during the race?": "Project CARS has detailed simulation of engine heating & cooling systems so you will need to monitor your water and oil temperatures during a race. The default radiator settings should be sufficient from most race conditions but for extremely hot races (or if you manage to damage your radiator) you will need to monitor these temperatures via MOTEC display pages or warning lights on the dashboard instrument cluster. If your temperatures are rising near or above 100c, you may have to reduce throttle usage (more coasting and/or lower rpm shifting) to bring the temperatures within normal operating levels. Immediate repair work is advised, as prolonged high temperatures will destroy the engine and your race! You can increase the radiator opening for increased engine cooling in the car tuning menu but you will incur increased drag and therefore lower top speed as a result. "Why does throttle stop the car sliding in some RWD cars?": Sometimes a RWD car can cure oversteer with partial throttle. This is because the small longitudal weight transfer is enough to increase the load on the rear wheels, increasing the probability of them regaining traction. The key is in putting enough power to transfer the weight, but not enough that you spin the wheels even faster and reduce rear traction even further. For this reason it is recommended to only attempt this in low powered cars. This might not be what your expectations predict, but it is realist and Project CARS will demonstrate this behaviour. "My car is spinning out when I'm not doing anything!": A car will transfer small amount of extra weight from the rear wheels onto the front wheels when it's coasting, and some cars deal with this better than others. Lift-off oversteer is a major characteristic in some cars, particularly FWD hatchbacks and RWD cars with open differentials. Project CARS will reflect this behaviour if you set the car up to do so, or even by default! "Why does the gear keep going to neutral when shifting in the M1 Procar?": The minimum time for this car to engage a new gear is something like 100-150ms. (plenty fast for an old car like this, we use higher limits on syncro cars which have more moving stuff going on between gears) Try to beat that and it will punish you for being too aggressive with the shifter; essentially like what could happen in the real car if you bounce the engagment rings off each other. Relax, slow down a touch and focus on your timing. It will be faster in the end over the 0.01s possibly gained by ramming the shifter home. _____ SETUP "Why such limited gear ratio options?": provided as per real world homologation regulations, blame real life "Adding rear downforce on the C9 Sauber seems to have the opposite effect, broken?" Adding additional rear downforce actually enhances the underbody air effects, creating in turn more front downforce. This is real world behaviour "Why does the SLS-GT3 have such long gearing, 6th is practically useless!": It's like that in the real world too "Minimum wing downforce means no downforce, right?": no, minimum downforce is just the setting of the particular wing that will provide the least downforce. It may actually create 0 downforce, but adjusting the ride height or things that affect it (tyre pressure, camber, suspension) will also change the downforce and so in pCARS the real number is dynamic around the wing setting "Why do some cars have smaller/larger fuel capacities even in the same class, is that a mistake?": these differences (and others) have been carefully modelled after their real world racing series homologation (e.g., FIA GT3) or manufacturer factory specifications ______________ FORCE FEEDBACK "FFB doesn't feel right?": here's a guide to tuning the FFB settings in game *link* or you can use the in-game help text. Or here's some recommended community settings *link*. Also note the FFB is derived directly from the physics, so changing the car setup will affect FFB (i.e. caster, camber, tyre pressure, etc.). Everyone loves options! "My FFB wheel is shaking at times!": You probably locked up the wheels while braking and flat spotted a tyre. The stronger your FFB settings, the more this will be enhanced. It is derived from the physical tyre model. If you have shaking in other situations, check your FFB settings, there are lots to play with! "FFB keeps getting hit by something on wet track?": that'd be the standing water, you're aquaplaning. The physical representation may not be 1:1 with the visual puddles with the current tech (but it should be in the same areas), so use the FFB to help you know what's going on "I can’t feel the kerbs?": the kerbs are physically modelled, so if the kerb is rather flat in real life you won't feel much in the FFB _____ OTHER "The cars are impossible to drive, I can't get round a single lap without constantly crashing!": - You're going too fast; pCars is a simulation so you need to drive with a real-life attitude. Start slow and build your speed as your confidence grows. Use your brakes and learn the track, follow the AI for a few laps and let them show you the braking points, use the driving line, turn on driving assists. There's a lot available in the game to help you drive like the pros! "Why can't I choose more opponents at some tracks?": The number of opponents allowed at each track depend on the pit spaces available. This reflects real life where possible. Use Le Mans if you want them all "Why are my tyres showing such high temperatures? A real tyre wouldn't heat up that much!": Check the units displayed. Imperial may be default, so this reading in in Fahrenheit. Change to Metric in the options "The kerbs at Road America seem too bumpy!": they’re actually like that in real life too! "Why are the AI hitting me all the time?": The AI in Project CARS are quite dynamic and modelled on real-life racing. They will try and overtake if you give them the chance, they will be defensive and they will give track position to avoid collisions to an extent. They are also inclined to follow the best racing line, so if your line is significantly different you might clash a bit. It's an opportunity to learn race craft, learn the lines, learn that trying to overtake everyone by the first corner does not provide the best racing, and that the AI will respect you properly if you show them respect too! You might be used to static AI that just obey these lines, so the AI in Project CARS will demand a bit more 'human-like' consideration. "I can't think, my head hurts?": Mind. Blown.
  4. Testrace: Oulton park international + Brands hatch (not GP) 3 januari ! Car: BMW M3 Setup: Default setup Damage: Full Pitstops: Yes Quali: 10min Race: 40min
  5. Ik heb een database geschreven in excel met daarin het volgende: Overzicht van alle auto's met de specificaties, en diverse calculaties betreffende pk's, pk/kg, schakelbak (sequentieel of h-patroon), paddles of stick en hoeveel versnellingen etc. etc. Afbeeldingen van alle auto's Afbeeldingen van alle tracks en de track informatie. De laatste Force Feedback settings van Jack Spade en nog veel meer.... Het bestand kan van deze link gedownload worden: https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0ByTrIIX1hVzRUGNpaTdZLXA3b0U&export=download Ik heb ook een veel kleiner bestand geschreven voor mensen die de database alleen genoeg vinden: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByTrIIX1hVzRM1dXeHFfWVZJbG8
  6. Evil Skull

    Project Cars G29 + playseat

    Zouden jullie dit kopen? Iemand al gewerkt met playseatstore.be?
  7. Evil Skull

    Project Cars Wat hiervan te denken?

    Zouden ze niet beter zorgen dat de eerste geen van die stoeme bugs heeft voor met zulk nieuws naar buiten komen Ben s benieuwd wat en wanneer er nog gepatcht gaat worden, en waar blijft de free car van dees maand? Project Cars 2
  8. Misschien handig indien sommige mensen wat hulp nodig hebben om hun Wheel/Controller in te stellen dat we mekaars instellingen kunnen uittesten. Thrustmaster T500RS / T300 Bij FFB calibration Tire Force op 115 zetten Bij tuning setup (voor elke wagen specifiek): Spindle: Master Scale 26 Fx Scale 48 Fy Scale 44 Fz Scale 54 Mz Scale 100 Body & SOP: SoP Scale: 2,0 SoP Lateral Scale: 10 SoP Differential Scale: 10 Mensen met een stuur: ZEKER de 1ste keer uw stuur calibreren ingame ! Tutorial FFB: General FFB strength Output strength of the FFB to the wheel after it has been calculated by the FFB engine. This is basically the final 'volume' adjustment of the FFB. This means that if the FFB is clipping, turning the FFB strength down won't help anymore. Tyre Force This is the strength of the tyre contribution to the FFB, which is also the main contributor to the FFB. If the FFB is too high or too low for all cars, you can adjust this value to get it equally stronger/weaker for all cars. The car-specific settings These you want to adjust when the FFB of one car is good while for the next car it's too weak or strong (or has a wrong subjective balance of the individual force contributors). Spindle Master Scale: this scales the forces below it equally up and down, i.e. it's the FFB 'volume knob' specifically for that car. Turn it down if the FFB is clipping, and up if it's too weak. Fx: this is the FFB component representing the longitudinal force on the tyre contact patch. This should determine FFB when accelerating or braking, but I haven't really experimented with this one yet. Fy: this is the FFB component representing the lateral force on the tyre contact patch. Very important for feeling mass transfer/inertia of the car when cornering. Fz: this is the FFB component representing the vertical force on the tyre contact patch. This plays an important part in the 'road feel' of the FFB, i.e. when going over bumps in the road. Mz: this is the FFB component representing the twisting force of the wheels, i.e. rotation along the vertical axis of the wheel. It is the self-aligning force of the wheels into the driving direction and is most important for getting the 'classic' feel of the FFB getting lighter when the front tyres lose grip. Settings per wagen van Jack Spade (WMD) Globale FFB @ 100 Tire Force @ 70 (verhogen tot max 100 naar eigen wens)
  9. The list of the top 142 employees sorted by first name : AJ Weber Alastair Murray Ales Filka Ales Ogrinc Alexandru Marian Alicja Glogowska Anders Johansson Andrea Fabris Andreas Moll Andrew Liddle Andy Cherry Andy Clark Andy Garton Andy Marshall Andy Rogers Andy Tudor Artem Ermolov Ben Anderton Ben Collins Ben Collins Bruno Pereira Casey Ringley Cassius Rodrigues Chris Blackwell Chris Ferrario Daniel James Daniel Karlsson Daniel Wheeler Darren Wakeman Darren White Dave Flynn David Brumla David Looker David Rezac Doug Arnao Ed Mas Frank Li Frantisek Resl Gary Browne Ged Keaveney Gergely Benzce Greg Hill Gustavo Olivera Iain Cartwright Iain Ross Iain Wallington Ian Bell Ian Bird Ian France Ian Sweeny Ivo Franic Ivo Novak Jake Jackson James Boulton James Kett James Vipond James Woolland Jan Frischkorn Jan Pavelko Jarek Kleiber Jaroslav Turna Jean Aun Jean-François Bouchard Joachim Jones John Atkinson John J Harvey Jon Bailey Karl Davies Katerina Dvorakova Kathleen Stavert Kevin Boland Kim Toh Laura Bell Lena Ding Linda Demada Luis Barata Lukas Kraina Lukas Mensik Marc Littlemore Mark Adams Mark Pressburg Mark Watson Marlon R. Nunez Martin Franek Martin Griffiths Martin Moravec Martin Olivera Matilda Woulfe Matt Clark Michal Beran Michal Jeschke Michal Rehacek Michele Pes Mick Gordon Mike Laskey Mike Montgomery Musanna Muhit Nicholas Hamilton Nick Taylor Oil Webb Paul Hudak Perran Truran Pete Morrish Peter Arbet Peter Gerhat Peter Nicholls Petr Klvac Phil Merritt Ralph Hummerich Ricardo Machuca Richard Steer Rick Lamb Rob Prange Robert Dibley Roman Turtev Rong Lin Rupert Easterbrook Simon Eschbach Stephan Vondrak Stephen Baysted Stephen Viljoen Steven Dunn Steven Walker Stuart Hunt Susan Legg Suzy Wallage Sven Moll Tarran Booth Tim Johnson Tim Mann Tom Curtis Tomas Flak Tomas Trlica Vanesa Lorena Tate Vicko Hazdovac Viktor Kolomiets Vincent Dambreville Vit Budin Vittorio Rapa Willaim Sykes Yasmin Muhit Zbynek Travnicky You have their names so now destroy their car
  10. Project CARS – PC Patch 1.4 – Release Notes General* Pagani Monza Club day invitational event – no longer causes the game to crash when using a specific livery on the Pagani Huayra.* Fixed an issue that would cause the game to crash while watching saved replays, when shared memory is enabled.Physics & AI* The AI loss of grip that results from tyre degradation as a result of wear is now more noticeable.* The AI will now show much more realistic grip loss when running on slick tyres in the rain.* First-pass improvements on various tracks to enhance the AI performance and ability (Azure Circuit, Donington GP, Watkins Glen, Bathurst, Nordschleife).Pitting, Tuning, Setups* Fixed an issue where certain street cars would pit for tyre change during rain when they already had the correct tyres fitted.* Fixed an issue where custom vehicle setups were lost when progressing through sessions.* Improved the system used to select the most appropriate tyres based on current and predicted weather conditions.* Ensure that the AI always pit when they need to change tyres based on the weather conditions.* The Default strategy will now correctly show the tyres that will be fitted on the player vehicle during a pit stop.* The pit stop routine will no longer start during online races until the player closes the pit stop menu. This ensures that the player has enough time to select or configure an appropriate set of actions before the pit crew start working on the car.* Tyre pressures will now be correctly set when the player changes to a new set of tyres.* The currently-active Pit strategy will now remain in action when advancing through race sessions. Online* Fixed an issue where the player was sometimes given a large time penalty when exiting the pit lane.* Fixed an issue where the remaining session time displayed an incorrect value in the Tuning screen.* Fixed an issue that at times would prevent a player from entering a race, after joining a second online lobby.* Fixed an issue where the Track Location popup would at times appear on some screens.* The lobby browser now automatically extends the search distance for lobbies when not enough of them are found using the default filter. Lobbies that are hosted further away (and therefore have potentially worse latency to all peers) appear at the bottom of the browser, and are colour coded with yellow or orange icons do indicate the quality of the connection.* The session host now regularly sets the current timestamp into a session attribute, so that sessions with too old timestamps are not displayed in the browser. This prevents stale sessions with no active host from appearing in the session browser.* When joining a session, the client now attempts to request the member details multiple times before giving up. This helps to improve the success rate of joining online sessions.Controls * Fixed pedals and triggers that vibrates during replays.* Fixed an issue that causes the wheel centring spring to be active during driving.* Improved force feedback strength and tweaked the default force feedback parameters for all supported wheels based on community feedback.* Further enhancements to the steering feeling – Improved blending between the tyre force spring and the steering lock spring.* Improved behaviour of the wheel force springs while navigating the menu system.GUI* Driver Network Profile - Visual tidy up to improve usability.* Fixed an issue where very thin lines would not always appear.* Added support for better info display on the Community Events page.* Fixed the issue where HUD customization was not saved on exiting a session.* Fixed an issue where the Potential Lap time display on the Lap Info board would be inconsistent with the sector times being displayed. * Monitor/Spectate mode – fixed an issue where the vehicle being viewed would automatically reset to the player’s vehicle on leaving the monitor screen.Vehicles* Adjusted handbrake strength on vehicles which are equipped with handbrakes. * Fixed an issue where the rain wipers’ state did not reset correctly when restarting a session.* Fixed an issue where light glows from a vehicle behind the player would sometimes appear in front of the player.* Fixed fuel pressure gauge calibration in several cars.* Fixed an issue where a white border would at times appear around the brake light glow of certain cars.* Ford Mk IV – improved the collision model to prevent vehicles wedging in under other vehicles.* Formula Gulf, Gumpert Apollo, Formula Rookie – fixed an issue with the livery sets that caused the livery selection to display wrong liveries. * Lykan Hypersport – statistics updated to latest manufacturer specification.* Lotus 72D - improved handing characteristics, exposed bump stops to be adjustable in the vehicle setup, reduced cold sensitivities of the slick tyres, adjusted the AI speed, wear and rain tires to match the player’s experience. * Karts – reworked the Karts optimization to help address performance drops with a lot of Karts on track.* McLaren 12C GT3 – adjusted the vehicle pose to more closely match the real car.* BMW M3 GT4 – improved the accuracy of the levels at which the oil and water temperature warning lights will activate.* Ford Escort RS1600 – improved the collision and wheel contact model to prevent climbing over other cars in collisions.* 250cc Superkart – improved the default setup to address controller issues on higher speed tracks, and improved the AI handling. * Lotus 49 – improved the AI handling of the vehicle in corners and in close racing. * Pagani Huayra – reduced fuel consumption to around 3mpg in hard track use, and improved cooling to prevent engine overheating.Tracks* Bathurst – removed cones in the pit lane that was causing cars to get stuck.* Watkins Glen – fixed a number of accuracy issues around the track. * 24 Heures du Mans – improved the race line at a few corners to keep the LMP cars off the curbs as this was causing the cars to lean over on two wheels.* Silverstone National – vehicle grid placement reworked to more closely align with the painted start boxes.* Hockenheim (various layouts) – reworked the wet weather reflection mapping to address incorrect object reflections.* Willow Springs – fixed an issue where the vehicle could drive through the barriers when exiting the pits.
  11. ForZa

    Project Cars Clio Fun Race

    Zondag 10 mei op Autodroma Nazionale Monza Short !!! 16 Renault Clio's Damage Full 50 laps Dynamic Weather Day and Night Diegene met de minste pit stops wint !!! [emoji1] Ik stuur rond 20u invites rond....wie wil mag joinen PS: tikjes zijn toegelaten !
  12. Ik heb gisteren getekend voor een 2e seizoen in de zero to hero mode en dat was dus de 250cc superkart. Rechtsboven bij mijn PSN naam staat ook 250cc superkart, Echter heb ik nog niet een keer met een superkart moeten rijden, enkel met gewone auto's. Andere mensen die ik spreek moeten wel allemaal met de superkart rijden en op een enkele keer na met een auto Zijn er hier nog mensen die dit hebben? Vandaag ook gehad dat de ps4 crashte(geen beeld meer en blauwe LED bleef knipperen), nog mensen die al problemen gehad hebben met vastlopen van het spel of dat de ps4 crasht? Gisteren ook nog tijdens een multiplayer sessie een fout gezien. Een vriend van mij zijn auto was kapot en stond in de pit. Hij kon enkel nog meekijken. En ineens stond hij in de buurt van de finish op het circuit, met als gevolg dat er iemand vol op reed. Als ik hier en daar de "bugs" lees, snap ik niet dat ze hem iedere keer uit hebben gesteld. Want dat was om de perfecte game af te leveren zogenaamd.
  13. Stream by ForZa http://www.twitch.tv/forzakrc
  14. Shoot! Topic title zegt genoeg. Wat willen jullie allemaal zien van leagues/cups onder project cars? De keuzes zijn bijna oneindig, maar we zullen er toch een main league moeten uit nemen. Its up to you!
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